Revenue Management @ Antsra

We become your partner in developing the pricing and positioning strategies of your hotel. You will no longer need to hire, train or manage a revenue manager directly. Rather you will interact with one of our senior team managers, looking at the big picture strategy. We handle all the daily revenue management tasks for you, including rate loading, forecasting, competitor price benchmarking, and group quotation calculations

Onboarding a skilled team of experts

Customer Service @ Antsra

Customer service is an essential part of your business. Your company won’t succeed without it,  For businesses, outsourcing customer service is not about cutting corners – it’s about offering the best possible level of service to fulfill the customer service needs of your customers (at scale).

After all, it’s the positive experiences that drive loyalty, gain fans, and improve overall brand reputation.

You Save Money and Resources

Asset management @Antsra

Dedicated to maximizing the value of your hospitality assets, we offer the following core services

Operation Management